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                                                LAWRENCE & COLBERT                                               History and Philosophy                                    

HISTORY                                                                                                                        In it's inception, what is now known as Lawrence & Colbert was Lawrence Hair Studio. Envisioned and established by Lynn R. Lawrence in September 1978, this now growing beauty enterprise started with a staff of three: our receptionist; creative designer, Allyn T. Colbert (former co-owner); and Lynn Lawrence himself. The salon was equipped for six operators, which housed a staff of five by March 1979. By December 1979 three additional operating stations were added with accompanying shampoo areas. The staff size grew with new operators and a manicurist.

In 1982, the Lawrence & Colbert team, out of a desire to ensure quality and maintain the satisfaction of services to its clientele, instituted the present in-salon training program. New staff, first hired as assistants, received training in various techniques involving hair preparation, cutting and design. To date, hundreds of individuals have completed the program, many of which have become highly competent and creative artists in the industry. As many graduates completed the training, there was again the need to expand. So, in July 1983, eight more operating stations were added, utilizing the salon's capacity for seventeen operators. 

Lawrence & Colbert has never stopped its vision of a highly successful business period. It continues to seek new talented hair designers, as well as the strive to cater to the needs of its clients. The salon has expanded its services to include manicures, pedicures, facials and massages. 

In addition, it has in the past years provided countless demonstrations and workshops throughout the Los Angeles area for existing artists in the industry desiring to learn new methods and techniques. Theirs is an enthusiastic, energetic, optimistic, and dedicated team!

PHILOSOPHY                                                                                             The Lawrence & Colbert Salon believes that special people require special care. 

In today's world everybody's lives are filled with work and with play, with caring and with loving, and with struggle and with problem solving. But some people take on their busy living with a special style, which makes them stand out from the rest. These are the peolpe that reach for more, who push themselves to grow as they live, to learn as they grow, who value their work and who know their potential as they work for a better life for themselves and others. These are the people for whom Lawrence & Colbert provides extraoridnary care.

With total regard for individual client needs, the salon creates a relaxed and professional atmosphere, providing a soothing and elegant ambience. The tensions and stresses of our clients' lives are carefully removed in the salon surroundings. Staff is attentive and provides pleasant, quiet conversation. Refreshing cold or hot beverages are served, and magazines and books are available for browsing. Personal care is provided for every aspect of a clients beauty and overall style requirements - from head to toe. Nothing is ever rushed. No detail is ever over looked. 

Every client leaves the Lawrence & Colbert Salon with an enhanced sense of their personal style and renewed spirit for living in a busy world.